Why powermine Evolution? What makes us different?

Powermine Evolution offers an ambitious and revolutionary proposal to the market and to the different industries in which it participates.

Why powermine Evolution?  What makes us different?

On the one hand, if we talk about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, we are entering a trend within fintech (Technology + Finances), since this technology is being mentioned for a few experts, and many of the large world corporations and banks are investing in R&D to take advantage of it. Companies such as Facebook, which has already announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency, the BBVA bank that has invested in Coinbase (one of the reference bitcoin platforms), or Microsoft and Apple that  already accept payments in Bitcoin, are betting on a concept that perhaps at the beginning generated some doubts in some skeptics that believed this technology had not space in the market, but today it has definitely cleared all shadow of doubt making its way with a very considerable capitalization.

Within this industry, it is expected that one of the following waves that will solidify the use of blockchain technology to finance projects its to normalize investments in tokens with real asset backed. In this sense, tokens or digital blockchain representations in addition to all the technological potential of blockchain, have backup guarantees in real assets, even being able to be regulated by governments, can capture the attention of those who have not yet decided to invest in the crypto industry for fear or lack of security.

In this way powermine evolution as a commercial network has in its hands a unique product, which has only been possible thanks to the agreement between GWE and B.H. Mining project. The combination between traditional Mining + Blockchain that both contribute to the BHF token is something singular and unique in the market, and if you consider this added to the unique and independent strategy of powermine evolution to market the GWE tokens through network marketing found a explosive equation. We are talking about the revolution within the evolution.

In future articles we will explain why we believe that the network marketing industry can be very beneficial for this token, and for this technology in general, and because at powermine we are convinced that the combination is and will be brilliant.