We already know the results of the voting and the large majority (with 95%) have voted for the DeFi model of the Blue Hill Mining project, i.e. a decentralized model where the token holders will be able not only to decide but also to propose directly. 


Although there was a pause due to COVID, at the moment the borders have been opened the Blue Hill Mining team has not stopped bringing good news with the following milestones already achieved since May 2021 and in chronological order: 

1) Beginning of the Full Geological Scanning Survey for XV-020751 

2) Economic Viability Assessment of XV-020751

3) Geological Report for XV-020751

4) Suggested GPS Drilling coordinates Map for XV-020751

5) Beginning of the Full Geological Scanning Survey for XV-020817

6) Economic Viability Assessment of XV-020817

7) Geological Reports for XV-020817

8) Drilling program for XV-020571

All this without considering the dynamic portfolio, which is the main strategy of the Blue Hill Mining Project company to acquire more licenses and then be able to sell them once the drilling is done to know the value of the exploration licenses, and therefore be able to increase the underlying value of the next DeFi token.

Taking into account all the milestones achieved by Blue Hill Mining and as our GWE CEO Carlos Garrido said earlier that the DeFi path has much more future projection looking at the data as of today. And also in the vote by Blue Hill Mining, the path to the DeFi world won, our Powermine project is in the following parameters:

  1. As of July 1, 2021, trading of WBHF tokens on the Powermine platform has been discontinued. 

  1. From now on, all information related to the Blue Hill Mining project will have a security protocol through the Data Room, in which each person must register and pass a security process to be able to see the content of the project's assets, such as: new exploration licenses acquired, the result of geological reports, the study carried out in the drill holes, etc. All these assets, due to the great value they have in themselves and the confidentiality with which they must be treated will carry a watermark, in this way the project company tries not only to control access to the information knowing who can see it, but also tries to protect the project from misinformation, bad intentions or attacks on the project in the form of defamation, hoaxes or deception.  

  1. The stacking of the WBHF tokens will remain in place until such time as the protocols can be technologically fixed for the new DeFi project. 

This means that all users who have been staking WBHF will continue to receive their WBHF on a daily basis under exactly the same conditions as before. This will be the case until the arrival of the "One Shot". The "One Shot" will be the final settlement in which all users will receive all outstanding WBHF Tokens for the entire staking period and in addition all WBHF Tokens corresponding to the commissions in case the user has generated such commissions.

  1. As of July 1, 2021, GWE stopped provisioning temporary liquidity in the Powermine backoffice. 

  1. The possibility to buy and sell BHF Tokens on the Latoken Exchange will remain available until the SWAP between the new DeFi Token and the BHF Token is completed. This means that all users will be able to exchange their BHF Tokens on the secondary market through the Latoken exchange platform. 

  1. In order to perform the SWAP between the new DeFi Token and the BHF Token, the company will provide all the information on how to perform the SWAP depending on which platform is the BHF Tokens, for example: For Powermine users who have their BHF Tokens in the Powermine platform will be given some steps to perform the SWAP, in the case of having the BHF Tokens in Metamask will be given other instructions to perform the SWAP. All the information on how to perform the SWAP will be given with more than enough time for any user to be able to perform the SWAP without rushing. 

  1. The future Token DeFi 1) The Reward Program and 2) The Crypto Pool. 

In this way Token Holders will be able to enjoy the dividends from the moment the new DeFi Token is fully deployed. It should be added that the Holders tokens will also enjoy the possibility to buy or sell in the secondary market of the new DeFi Token, knowing that there is greater liquidity in the DeFi environment. 

  1. From Powermine in the coming days we will be communicating about the new product and the new strategy that we will follow. To clarify that all the support, communication and customer service will remain in force, as well as the back office for Powermine users. 

In order to keep up to date with the upcoming events at Powermine, please follow our official social networks and our official channels to stay up to date. 

Sincerely, the Powermine Evolution team.